Issa Rae’s Makeup Artist Reveals 9 Best Products To Make Your Skin Glow

Issa Rae has graced the HBO screen since 2016, with the arrival of her wildly successful show Insecure, now slated for an anticipated fifth and final season. Through breakups, hookups, “wine downs,”…

Ingredient Guide: Retinol
Skincare Acids 101, Face and Acne Edit

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Jessica Ennis- Hill’s New App May Have Just Solved A Fitness Mystery I Have Lived With For 23 Years

Let me start off by saying I’m not ashamed to admit this but, I had no idea that people who have periods go through four stages of the menstrual cycle. Hands up…


Why Unrequited Love Is Actually Good For You

Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, though infamously long and difficult to get through, is a pretty good portrayal of the link between unrequited love and the imagination. The first volume, Swann’s…

Dating In Your 50s- Open Marriages, Man-children and Men with Big Fish

If you’ve been out there on the dating scene for many years, you’ve had a chance to navigate the fraught waters of online dating. But if you’re 50 and you find yourself…

Top Staycation 2021 Accommodation In Cornwall

On February 22nd, Boris Johnson announced that as long as certain conditions were met for lockdown to be lifted, the population could go back to booking domestic holidays and be able to…

Chrissy Teigen Has Just Quit Twitter So We Ask; Is Social Media Really Harmful?

Chrissy Teigen had been hinting since last week at how unhappy she was with her latest interactions on Twitter, but earlier today; in a series of tweets she announced she would be…

When You’re in a ‘Situationship’ — But You Want More, By Clinical Psychologist Karen Nimmo

The relationship that’s not quite a relationship.

The Beauty of “Different” and What I Learned From It

Growing up, I was encouraged to have friends of various races and ethnicities