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Here’s Exactly What SWEAT Trainer Kelsey Wells Eats In A Day

Here’s Exactly What SWEAT Trainer Kelsey Wells Eats In A Day

ICYMI, Kelsey Wells miiight just be the hottest trainer on Instagram. Famous for her PWR strength training workouts, joining Kayla Itsines in making the SWEAT app one of the buzziest ways to get fit, and her ~unreal~ transformation photos, Kelsey is unbelievably inspiring (did I mention she’s a mama?). Unsurprisingly, her philosophy on food is just as motivating as her weightlifting videos.

“I’m a big advocate for enjoying all foods,” Kelsey tells Women’s Health. “I don’t believe in restrictions. If I want a doughnut or French fries, I’m going to eat a doughnut or French fries. I think telling yourself you cannot have something is the wrong path. It’s about adding more goodness.”

Kelsey also isn’t about to tell anyone else exactly what to eat. “I think it’s so important to help women understand that nutrition is very individual,” she says. “What’s best for me and my body might be different than what’s best and right for you. I always want to encourage women not to hold any guilt toward their eating and to always seek out the way of fueling their body that helps them feel their best.”

The fitspo queen speaks from experience. In fact, figuring out what eating approach works best for her has lead Kelsey to cut out meat in the last year. “I don’t eat meat, but I do eat high-protein,” she tells WH. “I eat a lot of plant-based protein, including different soy or tofu products, as well as eggs. I also eat dairy every day, usually in the form of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.” Take note, vegetarian friends!

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