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The 10 Best Thigh Exercises To Add To Your Leg Day Workouts

The 10 Best Thigh Exercises To Add To Your Leg Day Workouts

I always say “never skip leg day” because training the large muscle groups in your lower body helps you build a solid foundation so you can crush workouts and daily life like a queen. Sure, doing lots of butt and leg exercises helps you sculpt your booty, but it also makes you feel like a true athlete, does your stability a solid, and strengthens your core.

When you select exercises to strengthen and tone your thighs, though, there are actually three different muscle groups you want to focus on: your quads (which run across the front of your upper leg and consist of four individual muscles), your hamstrings (which cover the back of your upper leg and involve three muscles), and your adductors (a.k.a. inner thighs).

That said, there are a handful of classic moves that do a fabulous job of challenging all of these muscles. I know, I know: There are a million different crazy moves being touted as must-do’s all over Instagram, but don’t underestimate the power of your basic squats, hip hinges, and single-leg movements.

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