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The Nail Trends That Are Poised to Take Over in 2021

The Nail Trends That Are Poised to Take Over in 2021

In recent years, the categories of nail design and art have exploded. What was once an afterthought is now a space to express yourself with rhinestones, pearls, optical illusions, technicolor French tips and more. You name it, people have done it. But what’s on the cards for this year? From Bella Hadid’s favorite Mei Kawajiri aka Nails by Mei, to social-media sensation Park Eunkyung of Unistella, we asked the experts for their top 2021 nail trend predictions.

“We’ll be seeing a lot of nail stickers, like those from my favorite ManiMe, who has great solid options and looks curated by talented nail artists.”

“Stemming from the DIY trend, another big look will be simple designs that work when the nails grow in between salon visits. Colored French tips and art on a negative space look less grown-out than a full-coverage manicure. I’m really loving the idea of metallic French tips.”

“When salons finally open [after lockdown], velvet nails are going to be very popular. It’s a gel technique using a magnet, which pulls particles up to become reflective and mimics the appearance of velvet. A similar look can be achieved at home with a fine glitter polish.”

Juan Alvear, aka Nails by Juan

“2020 was a year that really pushed people to try out press-ons to cope with salons being closed and I expect this trend to continue. It’s an exciting idea for people to start a collection of reusable nails that match different moods and color schemes. It saves money, too.”

“I expect to see a lot more custom day-to-day nail art. People have more time on their hands, which allows them to experiment. In an effort to avoid salons, an increasing number of people are reaching out to me for individual appointments [in line with local COVID-19 restrictions]. This creates more of a one-to-one experience, which leads to brainstorming on colors, textures, finishes—basically everything you’ve dreamed about asking for at a salon.”

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