We welcome your submissions to Kiiona magazine. Below are the writer guidelines for our three main subject areas: Features, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Please read our requirements before sending your work to us.

Sending in story ideas

Send us a proposal which includes an estimated word count. Tell us about the topic, your angle (and what the other side is saying), and why you think your story would interest Kiiona readers. Point us to a sample of your writing and, if applicable, provide us with a list of publications you’ve written for. If you’re a new or emerging writer, don’t worry if you don’t yet have such a list. Give us a month to respond. If we don’t, then contact us again. Please note that, as a British magazine, we generally prefer British-based stories.

What happens next

If you get the green light from us, send in your article. An email attachment is best. Provide us with your name, address, telephone number and email address, and a short biography of yourself at the end of your article that includes where you live and work.


We generally follow the Oxford dictionary for spelling. We are not an academic journal. The clearer and plainer the language, the better.


  • Features: 1,500 to 3,000 words.
  • Commentaries: 850 words.
  • Reviews: 600 to 1,000 words. 

Editing process

Alterations will almost always be necessary, so don’t be surprised. Usually we will send you a copy of the edited manuscript. This is your chance to respond to the editing. Every effort will be made to consult with you throughout the editing process. Do not sweat over headlines for your article. We’ll accept your suggestions, but we usually write them ourselves. 

Lead times and deadlines

Lead times are very long. The first draft of your story should be in at least two months before the issue for which it’s scheduled to be published. For example, a story scheduled for the Autumn issue should be in our hands no later than the end of June. 

It’s crucial for you to meet the deadline. If you’re going to be late or you’re running into trouble with your story, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll be counting on you. 


You own your story. All we purchase from you is the right to publish your article first, before anyone else. If you’ve sent your article to other publications as well, please let us know when you submit it. If anyone wants to reprint your article after seeing it in Our Times, we will refer them directly to you. 


Kiiona has a small contributors budget for each issue. We gratefully accept articles labour-donated by activists already gainfully employed in occupations other than writing. For working writers, we generally pay at least a £50- 100 honorarium for short stories and smaller features up to 1,500 words, £120 to £300 for longer features, and £25 for smaller items. If more articles than usual have been labour-donated in a particular issue, we can sometimes pay more. We pay £50 for reviews. We pay earlier when we are able to, but generally on publication.

Send your submissions to: editor@kiiona.com